Communications chip HUAWEI Barone (Balong) 750 leading the world, the first to achieve Cat.12

Release date:2022-01-07

 Recently, Rhodes and Schwartz in its TS8980 R&S test system to complete the industry's first TD-LTE uplink carrier aggregation test. Test terminal based on the industry's leading communications chip HUAWEI Barone (Balong) 750.


    It is reported that Balong750 is the industry's first to support Modem Cat.12, the maximum downlink rate can reach 600 Mbps! In addition, in accordance with the Cat.12 standard, up to the highest rate of up to 100M, the test confirmed this, but the highest rate of Balong750 uplink actually up to 150 Mbps! To this end, the reporter confirmed the relevant professionals, they said, in addition to dual carrier, you can also have other ways to speed, can indeed reach 150M. This result gives other chip companies to catch up. It is reported that Qualcomm's top Modem chip 9x45 to support Cat.10, the highest down 450Mbps, up 100Mbps; and the end of the year to publish Cat.6 baseband chip.


    Therefore, from a product perspective, HUAWEI communications chip has been far ahead of the communication performance by Balong750. In this way, in the video sharing and other multimedia applications (on the uplink and downlink have high requirements), Balong 750 can provide users with more reliable, more high-speed connection, bringing the ultimate Internet experience.


    And the author also just use Cat.6 standard mobile phone, therefore, Huawei communication chip technology has Yao leading the world, Chinese enterprises attaboy, come on!