Samsung will be the second NOKIA? You underestimated Samsung!

Release date:2022-01-07

 Samsung S5 launched did not reach the expected requirements and affected the Samsung in the year 2014 and 2015 Q1 earnings, so sing decline Samsung tune in an endless stream, and Samsung and Nokia year mentioned in the same breath, really, Samsung Electronics in recent period of financial statements is indeed very difficult to see, smart mobile devices profit decline is very powerful, but Samsung really to follow in the footsteps of the Nokia Step?? No...


    Founded in 1938, Samsung is South Korea's largest consortium, its influence can be several enemy. 2013, Samsung group revenue reached 228 trillion won, accounting for about 20% of South Korea's GDP.

Samsung Electronics is mainly covered by the three major categories of business, respectively, consumer products, IT& mobile communications and equipment solutions. Which consumer products include home appliances, printers and medical devices, and it and mobile communication include smart phones, computers, cameras, watches, network much familiar with the mass consumer market products, equipment solutions is mainly of memory, led business.


    The first is the innovation of B2B, which includes the government and public institutions, education, hospitals, financial institutions, logistics and retail enterprises. In the retail industry as an example, in this year, Europe's largest IT exhibition Hanover consumer electronics, information and Communications Exhibition, Samsung demonstrated a a clothing store oriented solutions, the customer picks up with electronic label clothing and merchandise information will appear in the store's display. This is a case of Samsung's B2B business development.


    The second direction is the smart home and Internet of things. Samsung Electronics last year's acquisition of the smart home open platform smartthings, in 2015 CES exhibition, Samsung Electronics President and chief executive officer Yin Fugen commitment, all the products to Samsung created by smartthings are open, compatible with other products. Yin Fugen also said that by 2017, 90% of Samsung's products will be able to achieve networking, from smart phones to the refrigerator and so on. 5 years, all categories of products Samsung is expected to achieve all networking.


    Third directions are wearable devices, including smart watches and virtual reality. In the field of smart watches, Samsung has achieved good results. According to the U.S. market research firm Analytics Strategy survey shows that in the second quarter of 2014 the global smart watches sold a total of 700 thousand, of which 73.6% for the Samsung Gear series.


    The fourth direction is software. Currently Samsung Electronics software developers have nearly 40 thousand, R & D software applications include security, entertainment, digital medical, operating system (Tizen), as well as innovative tablet.


    In fact, do not need to say more, we see Samsung's own new mobile processor Exynos7420, 14 nm process, the world there is no one can have such a process!