Emergency call for solutions

Release date:2021-11-03

With the rapid progress of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and the development and improvement of medical technology, the life expectancy of people has been prolonged, and the aging of population has become the focus of common concern all over the world, which has a profound impact on the development of various countries or regions.  The huge pressure of population aging tests the ability of government and society to plan for the elderly.  


In addition to guaranteeing the basic life of the elderly, the elderly also need a large number of professional nursing services suitable for the elderly in psychology, medical treatment, equipment and many other aspects. Therefore, the social demand for pension services will be more and more large, and the demand for pension service products will also grow rapidly.  


After years of efforts and accumulation, a new scheme has been presented, which can make the elderly care service simpler and more efficient!  


Here we go...  




This is a safe, convenient and advanced product for the elderly. The system consists of 1 fixed device (base) and 2 mobile devices (a wireless handset and a wireless pendant). The base has a telephone line interface, which can be inserted into a fixed phone line, and a wireless communication system GSM network module, which can be inserted into a SIM card.  The system's wireless handset is a one-button Mayday oziken wireless phone, while the pendant is a one-button mayday alarm carried by the elderly.  


This device is a communication product specially designed for the elderly. On the wireless handheld phone, there are big buttons and SOS buttons that are convenient for the elderly to operate, which can be used for ordinary call or emergency call for help. The other wireless pendant is specially designed to hang on the neck of the elderly.  And a simple and easy to use one key call for help (SOS) button, convenient for the elderly to call for help in emergency situations.  


The characteristics of the product is contained, compatible with the fixed telephone line (PSTN) and the mobile (GSM) communications network, at any a communication network problems will not affect the normal use, to make an emergency call function is guaranteed, and the product USES the small power, security, environmental protection of DECT wireless handheld devices,  That is convenient to use, but also effectively avoid high-power GSM rf equipment close to the human body and adverse effects on the human body.  


This product can be used as a common telephone, wireless handset and wireless pendant can answer any call, have high quality, full duplex voice call, wireless handset can input, dial any number.  




This product has Room Monitor function. When the function is turned on, the outside phone calls, input the password, then you can enter the monitoring function, to know the current and surrounding environment of the elderly.  


The system can be equipped with alarm lights, when the elderly emergency SOS action, alarm lights flashing and alarm sound, so that the neighbors also pay attention to and provide necessary assistance.  




The system can be compatible with smoke sensor, infrared sensor, blood pressure meter and so on, always care for the safety and health of the elderly......  


The system can be connected to the platform through CONTACT ID protocol, so that the service center can monitor the basic information of the elderly users, such as the battery quantity of the equipment, radio frequency connection, network connection, AC power supply of the equipment, whether the telephone line is plugged in, etc.