Wisdom Designs Anti-noise Headphone

Release date:2022-01-07

For Anti-noise or Noise reduction that is to reduce or filter the environment noise, so that the user can clearly hear each other's talking, or can speak clear sound to the the other side.

Noise reduction headphones or anti-noise headphones are divided into two kinds: Active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, for active noise reduction, that is the headset will create similar noise same with the environment noise but with reversal phase to offset the noise coming around, for passive noise reduction, that is the good plastic design or the microphone debugging of the headset, blocking and weakening the surrounding environment noise.

Noise reduction headphones are designed for pilots, flight attendants, industrial workshop operators, dispatchers, site operators, aircraft carrier commanders, shipyard staff and so on.

Our headset was designed up to a 300 meters wireless range, and can make 5 units for a group, software debugging to achieve noise reduction function, good protection for ears.

The battery life up to 10 hours, DECT wireless technology, or 2.4G wireless technology, high-quality call to make your work easier!