ID Contact emergency call for help system was deployed by Israel Natali company

Release date:2022-01-07

    Huizhou City by micro Sida Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd design with contact ID protocol function of the elderly emergency call for help system is Israel's largest pension services company Natali large-scale deployment.


    The emergency call help system is by a fixed equipment (FP) and two mobile devices (PP) composition, including fixed equipment, access PSTN cable communication exchange network, and two mobile devices (PP) is through wireless DECT technology advanced, safe, environmentally friendly and fixed equipment connection and communication.


    The device is designed for older designs of communication products, in handheld mobile device design is convenient for the old big buttons and emergency call SOS button, can be a general call, emergency call for help, and the old clock is specially designed for hanging on the old man the neck, and simple and easy to use button to call for help the SOS button, convenient old emergency call for help.


    The biggest characteristic of the system is through the contact ID agreement with the docking platform. The platform can record the basic situation of some users, such as equipment of battery power, RF connections, network connectivity, equipment of AC power supply power supply. This can make the service center time to understand and master the security situation of elderly users.