The aging of population is a great challenge to the development of the world!

Release date:2022-01-07

  At present, the aging of the population has brought great challenges to the development of the world!

At present, China's elderly population has reached, the proportion of the total population is 15.5%, Japan is more than 30 million, accounting for 26.9% of the total population, while the proportion of elderly population in some developed countries in Europe and America are more than china.


    Compared with some developed countries, China, both in terms of concept of retirement and pension conditions and facilities for the elderly, much better than the Chinese, some of the developed countries in Europe and America in nursing homes, the elderly community, elderly services center, whether it is in number, or the quality of the facilities are much better in China, even people's concept of retirement is also different.


    Some companies also saw the business opportunities, targeting the elderly market, set up security service company for the elderly, launched specifically for the safety of the elderly service products, the Huizhou City launched micro Sida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. designed old distress call product DT7000 selected by Israel's largest Elderly Security Service Company Natali, as the first serving the elderly DECT wireless products. The products containing Contact-ID services, products and are connected through a Contact-ID protocol and back-end, real-time monitoring of the elderly health and safety.